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Friday, February 18, 2011

Philosophy for Housewives: Part 4

Philosophy, Schmilosophy

It's time to wrap up this introductory series, so let's get our bearings.  We were thinking, we were reading, we were continually considering our actions in light of our developing Biblical philosophies (dare we say worldviews?).  My, but it's been exhilarating. 

But wait!  As fun as it's been, don’t get fixated on philosophizing (we've so much more to blog about!).  I once met a guy whose goal in life is to sit in his apartment and ponder deep things.  Like those beret-wearing coffee shop yuppies in the McDonald’s commercial.  I value thinking; this blog is, among other things, a way to force myself into periods of non-cheerio-and-diaper-inspired thought.  But I’m not convinced God gave men rational minds so that they could lose themselves in their own contemplations. 

Philosophy is not an end in itself.  Fleshing out your worldview will give meaning and purpose to your actions, so let it be the catalyst that moves you to act to God’s glory. 

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