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Friday, February 18, 2011

Philosophy for Housewives: Part 3

Dynamic Philosophy

I don’t think that you or I will have figured things out, so to speak, by the end of this series.  The point is to be aware of life as a process of growth, hopefully of sanctification, and of learning so that the decisions I make when I am fifty will flow from a more bounteous bed of truths than do those I make today. 
One of the keys to growth is reading a good breadth of material.  Right now I’m reading Josef Pieper on Leisure (I ought to know a bit about leisure before I wear its name!) and John Piper on Christian Hedonism.  Oh, yeah. And the Bible.  And when I say “read,” I mean I try to work through a page or two before I am distracted by sombody whining or by chocolate cake. 
Don’t like to read?  I admit that I prefer a riveting plot (and sometimes an episode of NCIS) to a dry apologetics chart myself.  Unfortunately, there’s no way around it.  Think about it: God speaks to us primarily through the written word.  So put on your big-girl panties and crack a book. 
A warning: don’t just read to corroborate your assumptions or beliefs.  Challenges strengthen your philosophies by forcing you to think through aspects that you may not have fully developed, places where you may be wrong, or where you may be on the right track but lacking adequate support.  If you have laid a Biblical foundation, you can discern truth and fallacy in the philosophies of atheists, of agnostics, of anyone really, so don’t think that because someone has not yet accepted Christ that they may not be a gifted thinker from whom you can learn. 

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