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Friday, July 8, 2011

Thoughts on Reading

Since moving to California, I have found myself more devoted than ever before in muddling through non-fiction books on subjects ranging from Middle East politics to tactical evangelism.  And when I say devoted, I mean I am finishing books.  To what do I owe this miraculous turn of events?

Though it's hard to isolate the variables, here's a guess:

I have no friends.

Having frequently neglected duty to finish works of fiction, and having occasionally neglected duty to spend time with friends, but having almost never (before this month) finished non-fiction books in a timely manner, I must conclude the following... 

That I prefer socializing to reading serious stuff, and that I prefer a thrilling novel to both.  Lacking both fiction and friends, I am making serious headway through my personal library.

From lemons, lemonade!

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