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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Best Books for Budding Athletes

All parents have priorities.  An organized playroom.  Regular naps.  Obedience (with or without whining).  And in our family, Early-Onset Sports Fanaticism.

Proudly, we report that all of my parents' grandchildren can identify Eagles and Phillies' paraphernalia before the age of 18 months.  In her crib, beneath the circling green-jerseyed birds of prey on her mobile, Songbird would spell out the Eagles fight song chant to the best of her phonetic capabilities: “Fly, Eagles, fly on da road to Viccar-ee. A-B-C-D-13-9- EAGLES!”

But it is Tet’s son, Baby Bettis, who does us all proud with his extensive knowledge of football terms and hand signals.  Not quite two, he can demonstrate passing, catching and tackling (he practices on babies in the church nursery), but also kickoff, blocking, and facemask penalty.

Don’t feel defeated if your child doesn’t know a soccer ball from a hockey puck.  Here, the ultimate source of early sports training for your indoctrinating pleasure:

Touchdown, Home Run, Goal, and Slam Dunk, not to mention Sports A-Z by David Diehl.  Fun illustrations (often inspired by recognizable athletes of note) depict the most important sports terms and concepts your toddler needs to know if he is not to embarrass himself during PTI.  

To round out your baby’s education, try NFL brand’s 1-2-3, which teaches the numbers 1-10 in terms of receivers, famous stadiums, and the Vince Lombardi Trophy. 

You too can achieve parenting greatness like Tet!

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